Windows Deployment Virtual Summit

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Speakers: Mikael Nystrom and Ami Casto

The opening session is a real-world Windows 10 deployment recap from the last year in production, as well as what the various Windows 10 versions and ConfigMgr Current Branch build brought to the table. You learn about new and updated ways to deploy Windows 10, best practices, gotchas to look out for (and their workarounds), plus much more.

A little break to cool off your brain. Or if you have any questions, the live chat is always open for them.

Speakers: Maurice Daly and Ami Casto

In this session Maurice Daly and Ami Casto takes you behind the scenes and show you how to implement Modern BIOS Updates and Driver Management as part of your deployment process. You also learn about TPM firmware upgrade considerations, and BIOS to UEFI conversions.

Speakers: Michael Niehaus and Johan Arwidmark

Join a technical drilldown in both modern and traditional ways of doing Windows 10 Deployment. In this session you learn about ConfigMgr OSD, Windows Autopilot, and Windows 10 Management (ConfigMgr and Intune). You also learn about recommendations for upgrading existing devices using the in-place upgrade process, provisioning tools for transforming new devices into ones ready for enterprise use, as well as updates to traditional deployment tools and techniques (ADK, MDT, ConfigMgr, and beyond).

Second and last break, use it wisely.

Speakers: Mikael Nyström and Nickolaj Andersen

In this session you get a crash course in using PowerShell to automate OS Deployment processes. You learn about the integration with ConfigMgr, and Nickolaj and Mikael shares their real world notes on common scripts and solutions user for OSD.

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